Hayfever Injection (Kenalog) Bristol

Hayfever Injection (Kenalog) Bristol

Some people experience hayfever when they inhale dust or pollen into their nasal passages, causing a runny nose and itchy and watery eyes. It is an autoimmune response from the body as it attempts to block the pollen from getting inside.

Hayfever is not life-threatening, but it can cause several uncomfortable symptoms. Furthermore, it could cause you to have an unsightly appearance because your eyes will turn red and glassy while you’re congested and sneezing indefinitely.

The Solution

The typical doctor will prescribe you antihistamine medication, but that won’t be effective if you have severe hayfever. A better solution is to receive a hayfever injection treatment called Kenalog.

Ciao Bella Aesthetics is fully licensed and equipped to administer a Kenalog injection to treat your hayfever condition. A Kenalog injection is a steroidal treatment only recommended if oral antihistamine tablets and topical eye drops have failed.

The potential benefits of a Kenalog injection include:

  • Reduced hayfever symptoms after one injection
  • One injection should treat your symptoms for three months
  • Affordable treatment compared to all the other treatments
  • No surgery needed

All Kenalog injections take place at our medical cosmetic clinic in Bristol. Our aesthetician will evaluate your current health condition before determining whether a Kenalog injection is the best treatment for you.

Contact Us

Ciao Bella Aesthetics is an award-winning clinic that has helped hundreds of patients improve their appearances and hayfever symptoms.

Contact us at 01934 863294 or email us at enquiries@ciaobellaaesthetics.co.uk for a free consultation at our clinic in Bristol.

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