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My first positive aspiration happened on the first injection of a lip augmentation with a 30g needle. I held back the needle for 10 seconds and a flashback happened right at the end of the count, this proves that holding it for 10 seconds really can matter.

My needle filled with blood and my heart stopped for a split second. It’s the moment you think may never happen to you, but I pulled the needle out take a deep breath, explain to my client what’s happened and (took a picture). I always go through the associated risk thoroughly with every client, so she was aware of the risk even the rare ones but she felt assured to carry on with the augmentation.

I am so lucky to have a supportive team around me, I messaged my boss – who tells me you got this, re insert the needle at a different depth. It’s so important as a practitioner to have people in the same industry who you can turn to for support, this is what keeps you going.

Working in critical care situation in the hospital has defiantly help me to stay calm and deal with situations, that and all the yoga and mindfulness I do!

So, I take another long deep breath and thought to myself you have got this; aspirating has shown that I was in a blood vessel and I have been able to avoid a rare complication. I carry out the augmentation with no further complications.

I think we have to always be mindful that aspirating can cause a false negative, the needle may not fill with blood it isn’t 100% that it will, and it is hard to hold the needle in the direct place so you may aspirate and it may move before you inject. But I suppose you have to ask yourself why not aspirate for those extra 10 seconds if it means there a chance it can be avoided. Complications can happen to anyone in the industry from practitioners at the start of there career to ones at the end, the most important thing is knowing how to deal with them.

Here at ciao bella we are all trained nurses, and we have a passion for delivering safe practice, we are part of the complications management team and have the correct equipment to deal with any type of emergency. We have taken our time to learn about the anatomy of the face, but also are aware that not everyone anatomy is always the same, that’s why we will avoid certain areas, do certain techniques and always aspirate. We have a duty of care to all of our clients and will go above and beyond to care for them.

For consumers, vascular occlusion is a rare occurrence so please don’t be alarmed at this post. However, with any type of procedure there comes a risk. Please make sure you feel completely confident in your practitioner and their skills for dealing with compilations before going ahead with any type of treatment.

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