Did you know you can get removal of fat deposits without surgery?

Did you know you can get removal of fat deposits without surgery?

Well here at Ciao Bella Aesthetics we are now offering Lipolysis. This is a non-surgical approach where we assess the fat deposits before making markings on the skin and inject deoxycholate solution which is known to reduce fat.

I know it sounds crazy right?  This has been around for years; however, it has not long been FDA approved. So, you may have noticed it circulating around on social media more. It works by breaking down fat cells, the solution causes a localised inflammatory response that allows the destroyed fat cells to be removed and excreted via the liver.

It can pretty much be used anywhere on the body with stubborn fat deposits. It is especially useful under the chin and the jowls to make a more sculpted appearance without filler. However, please do not mistake this as a fat loss treatment, to have long lasting results, good fitness and eating regimes needs to be maintained.

Contradictions to treatment are pregnancy and/or breast-feeding, diabetes, autoimmune disease, serious liver disease, clotting disorders, kidney disease, obesity or known allergy to any ingredients.

With all injections, there are risks. However, if you are being treated by a registered practitioner these are fairly low. The side effects are pretty minimal and are as follows:

You may experience swelling, bruising, itching, slight pain and sensitivity to pressure.  If you do experience any of these, they usually resolve around 3 to 5 days.

I would advise you to take it easy after injections for a 3-5 days.

The results will vary between individuals and so will treatment times. This would be assessed at intervals. You may need between 1 to 6 treatments depending on the size, area and how your body reacts. These should always be in intervals of at least 4 weeks.

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