Do PDO Thread Lifts Really Work?

Do PDO Thread Lifts Really Work?

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

Before determining whether this treatment is beneficial for your skin, you should know what a PDO thread lift is. Essentially, it is the placement of a medical grade thread made of a substance known as polydioxanone. This is placed underneath the skin which in time, stimulates the production of your own body’s collagen resource. This process initiates the beginning of a natural volume replacement, lift and contour which helps fight against aging signs of the skin. Results are seen immediately after the procedure, one month then at 3 months. This means that from the day of completion you will continue to see a gradual, natural improvement for 3 months post procedure. 

What Is The Process Of a PDO Thread Lift?

Your nurse will carry out an assessment to ensure suitability. She will assess for volume loss and areas that the threads will provide best results. This can be Full face, Half face or brows and neck. After your consultation you will be provided with treatment information and information on what to expect pre and post procedure. 

Upon your return for the procedure your nurse will revisit the treatment plan, sitting you up she will mark your “vectors” which is the course the thread will take upon insertion. You’ll be led down in a comfortable position where local anaesthetic will be injected in very small areas to numb any sensation. This is associated with a little sting at times. Your skin is cleansed with surgical antiseptic ready for the treatment to begin. 

PDO threads are passed down through the soft tissue which is numbed, most don’t feel much, on occasion pulling is reported. The thread is now in situ. This is repeated upto 6 times on each side. The threads are knotted at the entry site – this is where the lift comes into play. The knot is placed under the skin and pushed close with a butterfly stitch. 

Does It Really Work?

A great thing about this treatment is that you don’t need any recovery time as it is a simple process. You can go out and about your usual day. The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t stretch the treatment areas for a couple of weeks to set things up. Soon, you will see smoother-looking skin that will last a long time. So, if you’re looking to get this done, then get in touch with our team today.

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