How Can I Stop Hair Loss?

How Can I Stop Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become one of the most prevalent and mainstream health issues. At first, it was considered as a sign of aging since it was mostly observed in people aged above 40 years. However, in modern times it has now transpired in teenagers as well as in young adults. Hair loss usually occurs as a symptom of an ailment or an adverse effect of a medication.

Weak immunity and an imbalanced diet are the leading causes behind the sudden loss of hair volume. Cancer, thyroid gland disorders, mental stress, and deficiency of zinc, selenium, folic acid, and vitamin D are notoriously known for causing this condition. So here are some tips that would help you put a stop to this health crisis;

Balanced Diet:

Consumption of unhealthy food like junk foods that are high in calories would certainly make your hair follicles weak. Hair growth mainly depends on the flow of blood on your scalp. Thus the better the flow, the healthier will be the hair. Good flow of blood in the body can only be maintained through a balanced, well-nourished diet. A diet is said to be well-nourished if it contains all the essential ingredients in balanced or right proportions. For instance, adding protein sources to the diet would boost hair growth since hair follicles are themselves made of protein.

Similarly, retinol, known as vitamin A induces sebum production that helps in keeping the scalp healthy. Intake of multivitamin tablets consisting of zinc, selenium, and the rest would also prevent hair loss. Moreover, ginseng supplements have also proved to be beneficial in promoting hair growth. Such chemical-based supplements should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription.

Hair Oiling:

As per researchers, prolonged exposure to UV light may damage the hair follicles to a great extent.   So a common approach taken to stop hair loss is the use of essential and fixed oils on hair. It is one of the oldest and effective methods of hair treatment. It not only strengthens the hair follicles but also makes them luster and smooth.

Coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and the rest bind firmly to the hair protein. They also form a protective layer around the hair shaft shielding it from the damaging effects of UV light. Massaging these oils on the scalp would regulate the blood flow resulting in hair regrowth.

Treating Hair Loss Medically:

A healthy diet and hair massage although are healthy ways of stopping hair loss but they may take time to give the desired results. So for similar yet fast results, most individuals prefer to treat their hair medically. Among these medical treatments,  platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is commonly performed for this purpose.

Another option available at Ciao Bella is our Foreverfull hair systems and hair toppers which is a system designed with easy and realistic application in mind. The hair can be styled, heated and cut. We do recommend using our in-house stylist for colour though. The best thing about our toppers is that they go completely undetected and can be removed at the end of the day or worn over night and secured for longer wear without breaks. 

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about which option is best for you.

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