This is one of our favourite treatments for skin rejuvenation. It is great for evening out skin tone, pigmentation, sun spots, thread veins, spider veins, rosacea and melasma.

It works by delivering a range of light wavelengths to penetrate just below the skin surface where the melanin absorbs light. The light causes the pigment to break down safely.

Its good to be aware that skin can become darker as pigment can raise up to surface then will flake away with the skins natural healing process.

Before treatment, it is important for you to come for a Consultation so that your skin can be accessed and for a patch test to be carried out. There are contradictions to treatment such as pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, recent sunburn, active infection at site and keloid scarring.

The treatment normally takes around 30 minutes, and the amazing thing about the machine we use is it has a built-in cooling system which makes the procedure very bearable. When I had this 10 years ago, this wasn’t built in the machine and I found the procedure painful, however now I can undertake this procedure on myself with minimal pain and at times I only experience a slight pinging sensation. There is no downtime with the procedure and you can go back to work or carry on with your daily activities straight after.

For some people, improvement can be seen after 1 treatment, but the real improvements are seen after six treatments. After that, maintenance sessions are recommended a couple of times a year. Unfortunately, if this is not carried out then the skin condition can re-appear.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of our before and after case studies of firstly Rosacea and secondly Pigmentation.

Before 1st Treatment
Midway through treatment
Midway through treatment
Before 6th treatment
Before 1st treatment
That evening
Before 2nd treatment
Before 3rd treatment

Top Tip

Long lasting and better results are found when using IPL in conjunction with the correct skin care regime.

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