PRXT-33 – Skin Peel – What is it? What can it do? Am I suitable?

PRXT-33 – Skin Peel – What is it? What can it do? Am I suitable?

At ciao bella we offer lots of different peels from mild to strong depending on what you want to achieve.

If your brand new to having peels or you want a peel with no downtime then PRXT-33 is the one for you. This peel is a medical grade peel so should only be performed by nurses and doctors. Now with that being said let me tell you abit more about it:

What does the peel help with?

• Acne scars

• Cellulite

• Wrinkles

• Skin scar, stretch marks

• Skin tone and hyperpigmentation

• Collagen induction

• Skin rejuvenation

• Face lifting/ firmness

• Skin pore improvement

What areas can be treated with the peel?

The peel can be used in most areas on the body, although it is mainly used on the face as this is where most of our complaints are. However other common areas are anywhere on the body where we have stretch marks and scars, firm the skin on the neck and help aging of the hands by dealing with pigmentation and skin thinning.

It is suitable for all ages, skin types and skin colours.

What is the peel made off?

PRXT 33 contains proven and safe ingredients that have a wealth of evidence for their use. It contains three ingredients as listed below.

Tricoloracetic acid (TCA 33%): stimulates the growth of new skin cell, has an anti-inflammatory action, helps to clean the pores, destroys bacteria associated with acne and increases the collagen and elasticity of the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide (3%): is known for its strong antiseptic properties but when applied to the skin, it also releases a huge amount of oxygen which nourishes the skin and makes it more receptive to other agents. Scientific studies have shown that it promotes the healing of wounds, helps remodel the skin extracellular matrix and reduces inflammation. When combined with TCA, it enhances penetration and efficacy.

Kojic acid (5%): Deals with pigmentation problems for lightening and brightening skin. The chemical composition of this acid suppresses the production of melanin.

The procedure

The peel does not exfoliate the epidermis but stimulates the dermal connective tissue, because of this there is no downtime at all it could be carried out in your lunch time break.

It’s a very quick procedure, you may experience some tingly at first but nothing unbearable. Once all the product has been absorbed the face is washed, dried and moisture is applied.

If you want to enhance results, I would advise either adding a derma-plane or micro needling treatment alongside to get optimal results.

Contra indications

You are unable to have the peel if you are:

• Pregnant /breastfeeding

• Infection/ inflammation at the site including herpetic outbreaks

• Any impaired immune system or undergoing treatment for cancer

• Allergy to any of the ingredients

• Irritable/sensitive skin

Side effects

Are minimal if you have any: the skin can feel slightly warm/inflamed after treatment and may be a mild redness. Peeling of skin is very rare but may occur in sensitive areas or where skin is very thick and may last 2-3 days. Swelling can occur in sensitive areas especially under the eyes but settles within a few days.

Using the correct aftercare that is advised by your practitioner will lesson the risk of adverse events as well as improving the healing process.


Immediately after treatment, skin should feel firmer and turgor improved. Be patient as final results can take a few weeks.

Great results can be obtained after 1 treatment but for optimal results we would advise 3-5 treatments.

Results can last up to a year if a good skin care regime is being undertaken afterwards.

But remember to enhance result further add it with a dermaplane or microneedling treatment.

Just think of us as personal trainers but for your skin ?

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