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If your current skin care concerns include, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, uneven skin tone and texture you may want to consider adding retinol to your skin care regime.

I’m going to talk you through retinol and how it is the GOLD standard in skincare.

What is retinol

It is a form of vitamin A; it is strongly research backed and proven anti-ageing ingredient.

It helps fight free radicals which cause acceleration to skin aging, improves collagen levels/production, speed up cell turnover therefore it unclogs pores making them appear smaller and helps fade pigmentation, evens skin tone and prevents melanin development.

How it works

When retinol gets absorbed by your skin it gets broken down into an active ingredient called retinoic acid. Once it is broken down into retinoic acid, your skin retinoic acid receptors bond to it so your retinol is therefore activated. It then works by causing skin cells to turn over and die quicker. This increase in cells, helps our pores to stay clearer and prevents/helps scarring which makes are skin a more even tone and texture. It then increases the epidermal thickness this is the top layer of your skin by the increase of collagen production this helps our skin to look plump and younger.

The process can take a while to see changes but once you do the results are outstanding.

Tips for use

Common mistakes people are making is using it every night, at the start of using retinol it should only be used alternative nights or a few times a week.

Start by using a small amount of product for example pea size, always avoiding mouth and eye area.

Always use retinol at night, as the sunlight breaks it down and it won’t be as effective.

As spoke about in a previous blog the importance of SPF broad spectrum in your daily skincare regime, when including retinol, it is even more important to use SPF daily as your skin can become more sensitive to sunlight.

Always use retinol on dry skin, as if your skin is wet water can break down your skin barrier causing irritation.

Can start using anywhere from 20 years up, remember prevention is easier than correction.

Irritation can happen once you start using Retinol always consult your physician but remember irritation if part of the process and your skin will eventually begin to tolerate the ingredient once it is accustomed to it, this can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

Not suitable If your pregnant of breastfeeding.

If you want the gold standard in skin care we only recommend using iGlow 1% Retinol. Please make an appointment to discuss further.

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