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Truth About Acne

Acne effects the best of us, to be more precise around 80 % of the population suffer from acne.

If you’re like me I get hormonal acne and when its hits me, it gets me seriously down. But there are ways to reduce or eliminate acne so please don’t suffer alone.

I’m here to talk about what acne is and how at Ciao Bella we can help. Don’t worry I wont overload you with information, just remember here at Ciao Bella we are around to talk anytime.

Acne is categorised by Acne red/white pimples on our skin. They may be in the form of a blackhead, whitehead, puss filled papule or even a hard painful lump that takes weeks to go. These are caused by an inflamed or infected sebaceous gland. For a number of reasons this can happen: a change in hormones, poor diet, hydration, medication, immunosuppressant medication, products that strip the skin PH. The list is unfortunately longer than this so it’s important, in order to get the correct treatment that we address this type of reason.

Let’s talk sebaceous glands, these are attached to our hair follicles and found near the surface of our skin, they lubricate and protect our skin. These glands lubricate the hair and skin, by producing an oily substance called sebum. When we produce too much sebum, we change the activity of a harmless skin bacterium known as P.acnes, this becomes more aggressive and causes the infection and inflammation.

Treatment isn’t easy but the process doesn’t have to be hard!

Tips to finding Skin care that works:

~ Ensure the clinic you choose has good skin knowledge

~ Ensure the clinic you choose can provide prescriptions

~ Choose a skin care recommended by your medical practitioner. Medics invest valuable time and money on training meaning they buy products based on evidence and results.

~ Sont fall victim to the shine department stores! These products contain very little to make skin cell change or renewal.

Ciao Bella specialise in the Medical Skin Care range Zo Skin Health. To make your skin change possible, book your Skin Consultation with our Expert Nurse Prescriber.

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