What Are The Bad Side Effects Of Botox?

What Are The Bad Side Effects Of Botox?

One of the many concerns that people have in their lives is regarding the way they look. People who are extremely concerned often go for cosmetic surgeries that help them improve the way they look. One of the more common treatments that people of all genders make use of is Botox. While you might think that this is only used for cosmetic reasons, there are plenty more that exist. We will get into those soon. Botox is essentially a chemical that helps in blocking nerve activity. So, you will find it being used for a variety of reasons and not just cosmetic issues. 

Why Is Botox Used?

Now, let’s take a look at the number of reasons why Botox is used. One of the main reasons is because as people grow older, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles also increases. So, people reach out to our team to help them with their appearance. Botox is a common method that is used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles in men and women. It is effective and very popular amongst the masses. 

But that isn’t the only use of Botox. People use Botox in Bristol for other surgical treatments and medical conditions. These include muscle stiffness, eye muscle conditions, chronic migraines, and more. So, as you can see, it is not only specific for cosmetic treatment only. But it is quite commonly used for skin treatment. 

Side Effects Of Botox

Now, when it comes to the side effects of Botox, you are very unlikely to experience any adverse effects. Let’s take a look at some of the side effects of Botox. 

·  Muscle weakness

·  Loss of bladder control

·  Trouble breathing/ swallowing

·  Eye pain

·  Chest pain

·  Swelling of the eyelids

·  Drooping eyelids

If you see that these above-mentioned symptoms are taking place, then you should get in touch with your GP. There are other, more common side effects of Botox that you will also find. These include the following. 

·  The weakness of muscle where injected

·  Dry mouth

·  Headaches

·  Muscle stiffness

·  Bruising near where the injection was given

·  Trouble swallowing for a while

·  Neck pain

If you find these symptoms persist, you may consult your doctor to ease the uncomfortable situation. Like mentioned previously these are very unlikely to be effects you will experience, but these are just to highlight the possible side effects.

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