Wow Fusion – A cocktail tailored to suit your skincare needs

Wow Fusion – A cocktail tailored to suit your skincare needs

Wow fusion is one of the newest facials on the market and we have just launched it here at Ciao Bella. We are really excited to start using WOW in our clinic but we just wanted to tell you guys some more about it.

What is it?

The fusion device is made of 20 gold plated titanium needles, the spiral grove in the device allows the product to flow with the needles. The fusion contains a reservoir holding your personalised skin cocktail that is injected into the epidermal/dermal junction. Don’t worry it is a single used device so you have your very own WOW.

It is known as a fusion as it combines three treatments, micro-needling, mesotherapy and skin nutrition. Let me talk a little bit more about each of these.

Micro needling, the microscopic gold-plated needles will penetrate your skin, causing tiny wounds. This stimulates the skins natural healing response, increases collagen production and results in a skin tightening effect.

Mesotherapy mixture can contain a wide range of nutrients and antioxidants to provide hydration and nourishment to your skin.

Skin nutrition, each wow treatment is uniquely formulated for your own skin concerns. The therapist will listen to your skin concerns but also do their own thorough assessment to see what combination would be best suited to your skin. Botox can also be added into the treatment as an extra it penetrates the superficial layers of your skin, relaxes muscle that surround the pore and sebaceous glands, preventing the pores from opening and releasing excess oil and sweat. This can help maintain oil production, adding conditions like acne and rosacea.

Skin concerns it can help treat are as follow

Pore refinement

Acne/acne scarring

Reduce sebum production


Fine lines and wrinkles

Sun damage


Improves collagen and elastin


After the treatment

There is minimal side effects and downtime, it is suitable for all skin types.

You will have an immediate radiance, glow and plumping to your skin but it doesn’t stop there, the WOW fusion lasts up to 3 months and helps stimulate your own skin cells and collagen.

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