How Long do IPL Treatments Last?

How Long do IPL Treatments Last?

For all people, taking care of their body and skin is a top priority. Most people have an integrated skin care routine to follow at the end of the day, and others limit their exposure under the skin in order to protect their skin. Even while following all such precautions to take care of your skin, you can still face problems such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

To treat all of these skin-related concerns, we recommend opting for IPL laser treatments in Bristol. These IPL treatments are quick and easy – especially because the entire procedure only requires one handheld device that transmits intense pulsed light on to the area of skin being treated.

But before people walk in for this treatment, they tend to have many questions. Amongst the top asked ones is, how long do IPL treatments last? To clarify both sides of this question, we divided this article into two sections: how many IPL treatments do you need and how long will each appointment be.

The Number of IPL Treatments Needed

Depending upon your skin type, most dermatologists will recommend approximately 4 to 6 sessions of IPL treatments to achieve the best possible results. There will be a 4-6week gap between each of these sessions in order to allow the skin to heal properly before it is treated with intense pulsed light again.

As you proceed with the sessions in your IPL treatment, the spectrum laser will be adjusted to suit your skin condition as well as reach the deepest layers of your skin in order to treat it effectively. Since the entire procedure needs to be thorough, it does take about a year to complete your entire IPL treatment.

The 4-week gap cannot be eliminated from the regimen because it is necessary to allow your skin to heal. In these weeks, your body will be continuously replacing the dead skin cells affected by the light treatment with new cells.

Duration of Each Appointment

The answer to this question depends upon the area being treated. If you are only treating a small part of your face where you suffer from acne scars, your appointment may last for 15 minutes. If you are treating a larger area of skin such as your back where you have freckles or spots, the appointment could extend up to 40 minutes in order to treat each part of your back individually and thoroughly.

Are the Results Permanent?

To clarify any doubts that people have regarding the longevity of IPL treatments, then yes – it is permanent. While your nurse may recommend you come in for some treatment sessions in the future, it will only be years later and if you encounter any new skin conditions such as scars from newer inflammatory acne.

To ensure that your IPL laser treatment results last as long as you need, remember to care for your skin properly by having a healthy appetite, staying hydrated, following a good skincare routine, and never forgetting to wear sunscreen when heading out.

Do IPL Laser Treatments Work?

Beauty treatments are important for all people – be it men or women. All across the world, the salon industry continues to flourish as they introduce modern forms of technology with beautification procedures. Amongst these is the extremely popular IPL laser treatment.

What is IPL Laser Treatment?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. Typically, this light is transmitted through a device on areas of the body where you want to treat spots, wrinkles, and even unwanted hair.

In recent years, IPL laser treatments have gained much popularity. Clinics have begun providing treatments for age spots, sun burns, freckles, birthmarks, and even varicose veins using IPL laser treatments. Since the entire procedure is almost painless and simple, a majority of people prefer opting for the new IPL laser treatment option.

Preparations for an IPL Laser Treatment

If you choose to receive an IPL laser treatment from the salon, you are likely to undergo a thorough procedure that begins with a skin specialist examining your skin and ending with about 4-6 sessions of treatment.

To ensure that the IPL laser treatment works effectively, it is necessary to inform the skin specialist of any underlying skin conditions that you suffer from – including eczema and acne. These skin conditions do not pose any conflicts to the IPL laser treatment procedure but do make the healing process a little longer than normal.

Another important thing to ensure during your IPL laser treatment procedure is to avoid waxing, chemical peels, direct sunlight, and tanning beds for the next few weeks. Your skin must have time to heal properly after the IPL laser treatment, especially if you want to see long-lasting results.

The IPL Laser Treatment Procedure

To understand whether this new type of treatment works, it is important to talk about how the entire procedure is done. First, the skin specialist will thoroughly clean the area of the skin that is being treated and applies a cool gel to avoid any inflammatory reactions. Then, the IPL device is brought, and light pulses are applied directly to your skin from a small distance. Most patients are given glasses to wear during the procedure since the intense pulsed light could damage vision temporarily.

Since the IPL device is treating your skin, you may feel a stinging sensation. This is completely normal. Most IPL laser treatment sessions last about 30 minutes. To ensure that the IPL laser treatment shows prominent results, it is important to continue with 3-6 sessions. During each session, there is a waiting period of a month or so to ensure that the skin heals effectively.

If you are using IPL laser treatment for hair removal, you may have to continue visiting the salon for about 10-12 sessions.

The Key Takeaway

In terms of how well IPL laser treatment works, it can easily be inferred that these new IPL devices tend to show similar results to other laser treatments. IPL treatments, although, are more efficient and time-effective as well – making the entire process simple and easy. If you want to opt for hair removal of thick and dark hair, IPL laser treatment is definitely the best option to consider.

At Ciao Bella Aesthetics, we provide various IPL laser treatments for skin. Contact our team today for more information regarding appointments and pricing.

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